Monday, October 21, 2013

[Posted : October 21, 2013]

Yesterday, I joined the Rexona Run 2013 for my first 10K race!

I arrived at around 2:50am in the area but managed to find a parking space at around 3:10am. Initially, I attempted to park at the open parking space on the right side of the MOA globe but because I already arrived a little bit late, it was already full parking before I reach the parking entrance. I headed to the north parking of the mall and the 4th level had plenty of available slots!

Tip :
Better to go directly inside the mall paking when you will be arriving a little bit late.

I arrived at the starting line at around 3:20am and was almost at the back of the pack.
When the race started, The Diegos started to perform!

Start Line

From 0 to 2km, the race was tight, I mean, crowded :) But after the first water/gatorade station, runners were starting to go thinner.

Generally, it was a great fun run with live music from many performing artists staged at the different locations through out the route.

Can't wait for the next Rexona Run!


My Result

Check your results here and the PDF version here.


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