Thursday, July 31, 2014

Date : July 27, 2014
Location : MOA

I had a good preparation coming into this race compared to my previous couple of races as I was able to run enough mileage during the week and even had one cross-train swimming session.

My goal was to beat the 2hrs 30-minute cut-off time and perhaps even a PR.

I stopped at KM4 for my first hydration then stopped at every water station from thereon. It was about 29 minutes at the KM5 and 1 hour at KM10. I was feeling good and there was no pain or any discomfort in my legs. With my pace, I knew I could hit my target.

Then, the 'expected' came.

I slowed down for water stop at KM12 when suddenly I felt an extreme pain in my left knee. I normally feel the pain in my knee few hours after the race. This time, it was almost unbearable.

It was the cycle of walk, skip and run that took me to the finish line. It was a painful 9 kilometers!Fortunately, I was able to finish the race and very grateful to still received the medal and certificate.

Although I didn't qualify for the finals to be held in December and despite the pain, it was still a great race for me with enough hydration and bananas combined with good weather.

Official Time : 02:31:07


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