Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Event Date : August 17, 2014
Location : MOA

This event was my 6th 21K-race.

Just like my previous Run Rio races, it was a well-organized event with enough hydration, bananas and marshals.

The roads were wet with spots of water here and there. The weather was relatively colder than usual but not much wind.

I decided to start slower than normal with constant pace in an attempt to trick my left knee from aching which normally happens during the second half of a 21k-run.

5km done So far so good.

I had my first hydration just before the 7km mark. I grabbed a cup of water, took a quick sip, threw the cup into the bin and continued running without stopping. It felt great - imagining yourself like an elite runner. Drinking while running. Cool! :)

10km, 11km, 12km,  no sign of pain. Zero pain.

Then around the 13km mark, I started to feel that dreaded knee pain again!
Almost unbearable. I ran through pain until the finish line.

The knee still hurts as of press time.

All I can do now is to rest the knee. Then, probably consider changing shoes. I'll try to do some knee strengthening exercises hoping that this pain will totally disappear when I go for a longer distance next time.

Despite my usual knee pain, it was a great race.

Official Time : 02:28:19 (869 of 3,141)


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